At PDS Fire we are here to meet all security needs including fire alarm monitoring, camera systems and card access systems.

ULC Fire Alarm Monitoring

The Alberta Building code states that certain types of buildings must have a ULC (Underwriters Laboratory of Canada) fire alarm installed. Anytime there is a fire alarm panel, it is required to be monitored 24 hours a day 7 days a week but a certified monitoring company. 

The Monitoring system notifies the building operators anytime there is a fire, trouble, or supervisory on the alarm panel so that you can be assured your fire alarm system will be working when you need it. 

Camera Systems

Unfortunately, theft and property damage is something we have to deal with. No one likes to come home, or get to work and find out their property has been damaged or their possessions have been stolen. Camera system are a great deterrent for both of these situations. Most people will think twice if they know they will be on camera and go find the next place that isn’t as secure. 

Cameras are also a great way to monitor a location when your not able to directly see it. Cameras at the front door are a great way for your receptionist to know when someone is approaching the building from the front for a meeting, or from the back for a delivery. 

Video Analytics are yet another way you can leverage cameras for your businesses. By using video analytics on the camera you can keep track of how many people have entered/exited a building, you can keep track of people’s demographics, or you can use it to monitor a fence line and have lights turn on when someone tries to jump over a fence. Video analytics are the next big thing when it comes to camera systems.

Card Access Systems

In today’s world where technology makes our lives easier, card access systems are a necessity when it comes to monitoring and managing access to your building. Getting a building re-keyed can be a costly endeavor especially if you do it every time one of your employees or tenants leave. Whereas deleting a user out of your card access database takes no time at all and has no cost associated with it.


Card access systems also allow you to protect your high valued assets by giving you the ability to use stronger locking mechanisms than your traditional dead bolts. It also allows you to combine multiple forms a verification before a door can unlocked such as biometrics and keycodes. 

Lastly, being able to monitor who and when someone has accessed a location within your building allows for you to better understand how your building is being used and if something were to happen, who had access to that area during the time of incident. 

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